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Glacier Flea Park ©Archiv TVB Tux-Finkenberg
Safari map ©Hintertuxer Gletscher

Hits for kids

Glacier Flea Park
at 3,250 m

What about a snowball fight in the middle of summer or dash down the mountain on bobsled ... impossible? No, it's possible - on the Hintertux Glacier! 

The three 'Glacier Buses' (mountain gondolas) bring you to the glacier at 3,250 m above sea level. There, "Luis", the glacier flea, is already waiting for you (from July to September) and invites you to try out the snow-tire carousel, cable car, bobsled track, glacier flea photo station ... Free entrance! 

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Nature's Ice Palace

Nature's Ice Palace on the Hintertux Glacier is a unique natural highlight and a perfect place to visit for the whole family. The entrance to the ice cave is within walking distance of the summit station of Gletscherbus 3. The visitors can explore the Ice Palace with an experienced guide and will be fascinated by the glacial labyrinth deep under the ski slopes. The temperatures are constantly around 0° degrees Celsius - so don't forget warm clothes and sturdy footwear. For children 6 and older.

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Children's world in Tux

Glacier bug safari

Awaiting you from around mid-June in the hiking area of the Sommerberg is an exciting adventure course with brain-teasing riddles. Accompanied by our glacier mascot, Luis, young detectives will set off on an exciting hike in search of a mystery treasure! Young glacier investigators can explore interactive stations and learn all about the mystery of the glacier. The treasure map is available at the ticket office of the valley station in Hintertux. Come along and help solve the riddles! All children up to 10 yrs. old can ride the lift for free to the Sommerbergalm (2,100 m) and Glacier Flea Park (3,250 m)!

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Naturwelt - Nature World

Be amazed, comprehend, and understand... Mother Nature has created an exceptional and unique habitat for all of us. The starting point of the "Naturwelt" is the mid station of the Finkenberger Almbahnen. From here, you can explore many different habitats along the moorland trail. The special moorland soil can be examined more closely. A short rest in hanging chairs or the "listening lounger", where you can perceive the sounds of the surroundings more intensely and consciously, will amaze visitors of all ages. Shortly before the end of the hike, you will reach a unique island of relaxation in the fairytale forest with lush moss. This unique hike in the middle of nature is a true experience for all nature lovers! 

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Tierwelt - Animal World

Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the unique and fascinating world of animals. There are many different play stations with interesting information for all ages. In the "Tierwelt", visitors will gain an understanding of the interaction between organisms. What animals crawl? Appearances can be deceiving!? How many ants can you find on the animal treasure hunt? These and many more questions will be answered in the "Tierwelt". A lot of balance is needed while playing on the centipede and climbing the spider web. Your spirit of discovery will be awakened on the animal treasure hunt and with the water games! All insect fans will be delighted by this fun hike!

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Pflanzenwelt - Plant World

Go on a tour of discovery in the "Pflanzenwelt" and learn more about the local flowers such as daisies, lady's mantel, bluebells, and other flower species in the Tuxertal. Put your skills and courage to the test on the climbing net and the balancing pole or with shooting cones and jumping in hay.

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Wasserwelt - Water World

Experience the unique and fascinating world of water up-close. Even from a distance, you can see the "Floating Faucet", which is both the start and destination of the hike. How much water do people need? What are thermal springs? These and more questions will be answered along the trail, and together with the mascot Luis the glacier flea, visitors of all ages can discover stations that explain the power of water and the transformation ability of this essential natural element. You will need courage and skill on the large waterfall swing and target shooting with water pumps. This hike is perfect for all adventure-hungry nature enthusiasts and inquiring minds!

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The Spannagelhöhle cave on the Hintertux Glacier is the highest publicly-accessible cave in Europe and is an especially fascinating experience for families with children. This cave, which is the largest in the Central Alps, is around 12.5 km long - 500 meters of which are open to the public.  

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Glacier bug safari ©Archiv TVB Tux / Johannes Sautner

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