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Climbing ©pixabay Lukas Prudil
Sommerbergalm ©Hintertuxer Gletscher

Paradise of Tux-Finkenberg

Hiking &

The fascinating holiday region of Tux-Finkenberg is best explored on foot. Each step towards the summit is worth it!

You can experience guided hikes, sunrise hikes, visits to the Spannagelhöhle cave, and much more with our hiking guide or the hiking guide at the Tux tourist office.

Nature park hikes   Interactive hiking map

Berghof hiking specials

Backpacks, telescopic poles, hiking maps, and excursion maps are available for free for the duration of your stay at the Berghof. In addition, we offer 3 to 5 guided hikes in the summer months (July and August) from Monday to Friday. Our own hiking guide will accompany you on the most beautiful hiking tours through the magnificent mountains of the Tuxertal. More information about guided hikes is available at the reception desk. With the Tux hiking bus, you can ride comfortably and for free through the valley, and the bus stop is right in front of our hotel. The hiking taxi will take you up to high altitudes to the starting points of magnificent hikes.  

Mountain climbing with the mountain sports school and mountain guides – the green glacial valley offers all climbing fans unforgettable and unique high-altitude tours, for ex. across the Tux ice bridge, the Olperer (3,470 m), Alp crossings, and the north ridge to the Hoher Riffler (3,231 m).

Hill farms and huts in the Zillertal

What would a hiking vacation be without an enjoyable stop for refreshments at one of the many hill farms and huts in the Zillertal mountains? A tasty, well-deserved snack and exquisite view are your reward for the exertion of the ascent. Around 40 hill farms, huts, and mountain restaurants provide an unforgettable experience and are the highlight of every hike!

Hut guide

TIP: theme trails in the Tuxertal


hill farm trail

There are around 100 cows in the valley, mainly Fleckvieh and Braunvieh cattle. During the summer months, the hill farms are staffed.  The pasture grazing season ends with a traditional festival during which the cows, festively adorned, are led back home to the farms in a procession. Along this hike, you will come across magnificent alpine pastures. This is a must for all those who are fascinated by the cozy flair of the alpine huts.

Hiking route: start in Vorderlanersbach – mountain road towards the Geiselalm and Hobalm – hiking path no. 47 - Vallruckalm - Nasse Tuxalm
Time-on-trail: ca. 6 hrs.
Character: easy loop trail

Tuxertal ©Archiv TVB Tux-Finkenberg

with a view

Life at the foot
of the glacier

The flora and fauna in Hintertux at an elevation of 1,500 m are constantly subject to the influence of the glacier. Under strict conditions, a very special mosaic of survivors developed here. Theme boards provide information on the various factors that govern life in this harsh landscape.  

Hiking route: hiking path no. 11 – town center of Hintertux - Neuhintertux, valley station of the Gletscherbahn
Time-on-trail: ca. 1/2 hr.
Character: easy walk – also suitable for children’s strollers

Panoramic terrace ©Archiv TVB Tux-Finkenberg Sautner Hannes


loop trail

You will find the NaturWelt at an elevation of 1,800 m along the hiking trail over alpine meadows and marshy terrain from the Penken to the Schrofenalm. Wetlands such as low moors are among the most endangered habitats in Austria. With a subsoil of slate and lime, a diverse mixture of limestone and silicate indicator plants can be found on the Penken. Over 23 red list species and 6 protected species have been identified along this trail.

Hiking route: ride up on the Finkenberger Almbahn – middle station – trail no. 22b and no. 57 - Schrofenalm. Descent option: to Vorderlanersbach – hiking path no. 55 or ascent to the Wanglalm – hiking path no. 55 and 57 - Penkenjoch – ride down on the Finkenberger Almbahn
Time-on-trail: 2.5 hrs.
Character: easy hike

Mountain flowers ©pixabay / flyupmike


waterfall trail

The Schraubenfall, a protected natural monument, and the Kesselfall with deep rock basins, natural rock bridges, caves, and gorges captivate visitors. The waterfall trail with its breathtaking view leads past a split boulder, which is reminiscent of a whale’s mouth and was named as such.

Hiking route: Gletscherbahn valley station – hiking path no. 526 past the Kesselfall – farm road – hiking path no. 526 towards the Spannagelhaus – hiking path no. 16, signpost for the Sommerberg - Tuxbach-Klamm – Waldeben valley basin. Descent option: hiking path no. 16 to Hintertux or ascent to the Sommerbergalm
Time-on-trail: 2 hrs.
Character: easy hike

Waterfall ©Archiv TVB Tux-Finkenberg Hannes Sautner


Adventure, sports, & action in the climbing gardens and via ferrata routes

Climbing and mountaineering are among the oldest sports in the Zillertal. The Zillertal and Tuxertal made a name for themselves as a mountain climbing destination early on.

The via ferrata routes in the Zillertal are ideal for those who want to experience a little more. The routes lead through sometimes steep and spectacular walls. With fixed steel cables, brackets, ladders, and footholds, you can climb higher and higher on the rock. The difficulty levels of the via ferrata routes range from A (easy) to D/E (very difficult). The easy routes can usually be mastered by families with children. The prerequisite for each via ferrata climb is appropriate equipment as well as mountain experience, surefootedness, and a head for heights. This trendy sport rewards you with a special “mountain feeling” and powerful views!

Climbing areas/climbing gardens in the Zillertal:

  • Spannagel climbing area in Hintertux
  • Gschöss-Penken climbing garden in Mayrhofen
  • Knorren-Penken climbing garden in Mayrhofen
  • Penken climbing area in Mayrhofen
  • "Die Ewigen Jagdgründe" climbing area in Ginzling

The most beautiful via ferrata climbs in the Zillertal:

  • Spannagel – Hintertux via ferrata
  • Knorren/Penken – Finkenberg via ferrata
  • Zimmereben – Mayrhofen via ferrata
  • Gerlosstein – Hainzenberg via ferrata

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